Frequently Asked Questions

faqs_question.jpgWhat is a protein diet?
The elimination of most of the carbohydrates and fats from our diet.

faqs_question.jpgWhy is fruit initially restricted from our diet?
Fruits have a high glycemic index (high sugar content).

faqs_question.jpgWhy is wine and alcohol restricted?
faqs_answer.jpg All alcohol products contain sugar, consumption inhibits weight loss and actually encourages weight gain.

faqs_question.jpgDo you have to restrict complex carbohydrates to lose weight?
faqs_answer.jpg Yes, their unrestricted consumption causes weight gain. It has to be a healthy balance of carbs, fat and protein.

faqs_question.jpgWhy do you have to suppress certain foods from your diet in order to lose weight?  Why not just eat less of the food?

faqs_answer.jpgFor example, simple sugars make us gain weight and complex sugars prevent us from losing weight. Eating less of the wrong foods does reduce weight. Losing and maintaining healthy weight requires lifestyle modification, good eating habits and a regular exercise routine.

faqs_question.jpgHow much protein per pound of lean body mass is required?
faqs_answer.jpg A minimum of ½ gram of protein per pound of lean body mass is required.

faqs_question.jpgWhy do I hear so often “ I know someone who lost weight and they gained it all back?

faqs_answer.jpg Gaining weight has nothing to do with how you once lost it. It is the result of, bad food combinations, poor eating habits-such as skipping meals, emotional issues and how much alcohol you drink.

faqs_question.jpgWhat guide lines do you suggest to follow when grocery shopping?

faqs_answer.jpg Never go to the store hungry.
Always have a precise list of what to buy and avoid impulse buying.
Shop primarily around the perimeter where fresh produce, and most protein based foods are found.

faqs_question.jpgShould the glycemic index be a consideration in a weight-loss program?

faqs_answer.jpgYes by all means

faqs_question.jpgWhy do dieters lose more weight during the first week?
faqs_answer.jpg Glycogen is depleted during this week and for each gram of glycogen lost, 4 grams of water are also lost. 

faqs_question.jpgIs it easier to achieve weight loss than to maintain weight loss?
faqs_answer.jpg Yes it is easier to lose than maintain because we always go back to poor eating habits again.