Success Story

"Nothing was more important to me when I finally realized I was slowing down, finding excuses not to do the things I really wanted to be doing.  Getting healthy was my mission; I investigated all of the diet plans that ranged from low fat, low carbs, high protein, strenuous exercise, etc. I simply found none that produced the desired results.  Having high blood pressure and Type II diabetes complicated the attempts.  I attended Doctor Bhushan's health and wellness seminar and discovered a scientifically designed program, medically supervised, with weekly counseling and weigh-ins and support coaching - the missing link!  The program is extremely effective, the food is surprisingly tasty, minutes to prepare the supplements have no after taste.  The chicken soup is the best I have ever tasted.  My wife is now on the program realizing very effective results.  I had dropped from 245 pounds to my goal weight of 180 pounds, and upon return to my fall tennis group with a great mindset, they met the unrecognizable new me!    Lastly, I am totally off meds for high blood pressure and diabetes!"

Jim H.