Success Story

"My friend was excited with her success in reaching her ideal weight goal, she looked great and encouraged me to attend Doctor Bhushan’s Benchmark Health Systems “Solutions for Life and Weight Management Seminar”. I learned all about the growing obesity crisis in the US, I was so impressed with the Benchmark Health Systems focus on longevity and quality of life that I immediately signed up for the Ideal Protein program.  I knew I had to do something to try to alleviate the inflammation and joint pain that was getting worse each day. I have only been on the Ideal Protein program for six weeks; I have lost 20 pounds and a remarkable loss of overall inches.  I still have 30 pounds to lose, but my stamina keeps me going strong all day, the inflammation and pain are gone, my elevated mood is a great new feeling.  The food taste and ease of preparation, along with the medical professional counseling/support is the real key to success. I actually found that my old, bad food bills were higher than the quality food I am eating now.  I have eliminated need for medications and quit all caffeine consumption, and get a great, uninterrupted eight hours of sound sleep. Although I live 75 miles away, Doctor Bhushan is also now my PCP."

Melanie P.