Success Story

"For years I knew I had to lose weight, my life was in severe jeopardy due to my 100 plus pound of excess weight.  I suffered from every negative impact of obesity, joint damage, cholesterol, pre-diabetes, hypertension, gerd, sleep apnea, breathing difficulty and no energy whatsoever.  Every diet failed until Doctor Bhushan invited me to his Ideal Protein diet.  I signed up immediately and after 5 months I have lost 80 pounds so far. I never would have chosen this diet if it not been for the Benchmark Health Systems education and healthy life solution support and guidance.  Jisele’s coaching and encouragement continues to motivate me to reach my goal.  Today, I am OVERCOMING each of the medical complication caused by my obesity.  I have my life back and will be able to live it to the fullest, my energy is fantastic.  People ask I bet it was hard and a lot of work?  I smile broadly and honestly say it was neither.  I bet it was expensive? No, I am way ahead compared to the medical co-pays I used to incur.  I have some more pounds to lose, and I am looking forward to fully acclimating to a balanced eating, exercise and learning to stay healthy life."

Carrie H.